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Our Story | Crafted Better Days

Our Story | Crafted Better Days

Posted by Stuart Hicks on 5th Apr 2024

Good Dawg Gravy came to life in Dogtown, USA (aka Bend, OR) where friends' and family pets first lapped-up a home kitchen recipe crafted from love.

Founder Russ Easter is a lifelong dog owner having raised 7 Golden Retrievers. Russ's companions have been a constant in his life, from hiking, camping, fly fishing, floating the river, playing in the snow, to lying at his feet on the couch or bed, (throughout a 30-year corporate sales career, Russ's 'Boys' could usually be found beneath his work desk).

"Each one of my boys has been a cherished, true family member."

Russ began making Good Dawg Gravy Pet CBD Supplement in 2016 when arthritis began developing in the elder of the 'Boys', London, causing him to struggle with simple things like rising from the floor, running, jumping, and tussling with his younger brother Leo.

Like most pet owners, Russ's first CBD reference began at the local pet store. "CBD Oil" and 5 drops on his tongue daily was the suggestion for London's aches and pains.  Upon looking at the tincture bottle he'd been handed he didn't know what to expect, but he was willing to give it a shot. 

What Russ discovered was London didn't like the bitter taste of the tincture drops and within a few days he wouldn't come near him when he pulled out the tincture bottle.  He returned the bottle to the pet store and was handed the only other option, a bag of CBD Treats instead. 

Upon a review of the ingredients, Russ realized that he couldn't pronounce a single "ingredient" in the treats and that was just not acceptable to him.  Taking an all natural compound like CBD and covering it in chemicals didn't make any sense.  Russ asked if there were any other options, but was told that there were only Tinctures and Treats in the Pet CBD space.   

That sent Russ home defeated.

Later that evening Russ realized that he needed a new "delivery method" to get his dog the CBD he needed, then it hit him: "how about an all natural, healthy gravy that he could put the CBD in and pour over his dogs kibble"!! 

Luckily, he'd made an all-natural gravy style topper for his dogs decades earlier and decided to give it another shot!  The next day he went to the store, gathered all the fresh ingredients and got to work in the kitchen.   By the end of the day he had his first batch of "Good Dawg Gravy" complete and upon pouring it over his dogs kibble, he saw that he had a huge hit!!  

That kicked off a daily dosing regimen for both dogs - and making possible several more years of fun activities, love, and companionship with his 'Boys'.

Over the next few years, neighbors and friends came to rely on Russ's homemade CBD gravy, compelling his commitment to the 'Boys' upon the younger Leo's death just a few months after London had passed away:

"I vowed not to find a new 'Boy' to raise until their 'Good Dawg Gravy' made it to the market."

Co-founder Stu Hicks came on board with a head start developing CBD products, including experience from seed-to-shelf in the exploding industry: his passion a result of finding CBD's healing properties when his own health seemed hopeless.

Stu was diagnosed with Adult Onset Muscular Dystrophy at age 40. After suffering through two years of Grade III and IV Pathological Spondylolisthesis - chronic disc slippage - he found near-miraculous relief with a combination of diet coupled with a uniquely extruded hemp flower extract specifically manufactured for long term, daily use.

Sharing a commitment to producing the Pet Industry's only human grade, all-natural, easy-to-dose, shelf-stable, CBD Supplement for Pets, Russ and Stu attracted experienced manufacturers to the Product Development Team, including a leading Pet Nutrition and Manufacturing professional (responsible for award-winning, national Pet Food brands, IAMS and EUKANUBA, while Sr. Food Scientist for Proctor & Gamble).

Companions Best Diet Inc. is an Oregon-based corporation established to bring Russ's Good Dawg Gravy Dog CBD Supplement and other all-natural Pet Products to the market. We started by researching potential manufacturers for Russ's vision, but slowly came to realize that all natural, healthy, Good Dawg Gravy is unique, and would need to be crafted with love by us in order to meet our high standards for a daily use product.

We coined the terms Crafted Better Days to complement our growing product line, which now includes Russ's Original Good Dawg Gravy, as well as Senior, Youth, and Calming Good Dawg Gravy Formulas. We're also looking forward to sharing more offerings like all Natural Treats, Nootropics, Flea & Tic products and topical Pet CBD Salves, as well as branching into Feline, Equine and other animals in the future.

We're always eager to hear about pet companions everywhere, so please connect with as we craft all natural, healthy products that help pets everywhere enjoy "More Fun Days".