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Crafting Healthy, All Natural, Dog Supplements and Treats 

Good Dawg Gravy, headquartered in Dogtown, USA (Bend, OR), was born from the heart of founder Russ Easter, a lifelong dog lover who has raised seven Golden Retrievers. Russ's deep bond with his furry companions inspired him to create a special home kitchen recipe, which eventually became our flagship product.


Co-founder Stu Hicks joined Russ with a shared vision: to develop the pet industry's first human-grade, all-natural, easy-to-dose CBD supplement for pets. With a dedicated Product Development Team boasting expertise from leading pet nutrition and manufacturing professionals (including the Chief Scientist responsible for Pet Food brands IAMS and EUKANUBA,) we embarked on a journey to bring Russ's vision to life.


Companions Best Diet Inc., our Oregon-based corporation, was established to launch Russ's Good Dawg Gravy Dog CBD Supplement. Initially exploring third-party manufacturing options, we realized that crafting our product with love was essential to meet our uncompromising standards.  All of our products are manufactured from start-to-finish in FDA-certified Human Food Grade manufacturing facilities, and we always source the highest qualiity ingredients.


Embracing the ethos of "Crafted Better Days," our expanding product line includes Russ's Original Good Dawg Gravy and specialized formulas for seniors, youth, and calming needs.  We're excited to introduce more offerings like all-natural treats and pet CBD salves as we continue to craft healthy, natural products for pets everywhere to enjoy "More Fun Days."


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Veterinarians name Core Longevity Toppers the #1 requirement for dogs to meet the unique challenges that come with advancing years.

Good Dawg Gravy is formulated with CBD produced by an approved Safe for Human Food extraction process, and a Preferred Supplier of the National Animal Supplement Council.

Every Good Dawg Gravy packet is dosed specifically for your companion following guidelines created by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Gravies Are 100% Refundable

All Natural CBD OPtion For Pets

Our gravy contains no complicated chemicals, carrier oils, or other complex ingredients. Just simple additions like Sweet Potato, Liver, Carrots, & Bone Broth.

Gravies Are 100% Refundable

It can take up to two weeks for our product to show its myriad of benefits, so give it time. But that's why every order is backed by our 30-day 100% refund guarantee!

Gravies Are 100% Refundable